Since 1966

The Leader in Truck Equipment

Godwin Manufacturing Company Inc. is the original member of the nations largest family owned truck equipment manufacturer, The Godwin Group. From humble beginnings, Godwin has earned its place at the top with superior quality and attentive customer service.

Dump Bodies

Offering Bodies For Class 2 - 8 Chassis
Apples to apples, no one in the industry matches the value of a Godwin dump body and we encourage you to compare. From top grade mill certified steel and industry leading standard corrosion protection, to our unique product development through customer feedback, Godwin dump bodies are just different.

Platform Bodies

Highly Customizable
Godwin offers platform bodies from 10’ to 24’ long. These highly customizable bodies can be built to meet the specific needs of operators. Whether you want permanent sides, removable sides, or no sides, these units can be dumpable with the addition of a Godwin hoist, or fixed to the trucks chassis.

What Sets Us Apart?

Apples to apples, our competitors simply cannot match our value-to-cost ratio. Godwin builds top quality products using top quality materials.
Godwin Manufacturing maintains a position high in the market by manufacturing products from the highest quality materials. Godwin believes that dump bodies are only as good as the materials they’re made from. The use of quality materials allows for higher precision engineering, superior build quality, superior durability, and longer life of the product.

TMF Carrier

Fully Assembled & Easy to Install!
Godwin’s truck mounted forklift carriers are easily installed in 6 hours or less! Other name brands have a complete book of installation instructions. With the Godwin TMF Carrier, you only need to know the diameter of the wheel for the all-terrain vehicle (forklift). The rest is easy!


Titan. For work without limit

Godwin manufactures a variety hookloader bodies to meet you specific needs. Our bodies are specifically engineered for use with  Hyva Titan Hookloaders. These systems are designed for daily use in rugged environments and are well known for their reliability and low maintenance. Aimed at medium to heavy truck classes, the Titan hookloader can handle a wide variety of loads and containers. Further enhancing Hyva’s track record for innovation and versatility, available today with over 10,000 units working in more than 60 countries globally. 

Chipper/Leaf Bodies

Removable Caps or Dedicated Bodies
We offer a few different solutions to suit your industry. Whether your needs are seasonal or permanent, large or small, our bodies are built to endure. Our leaf/chipper bodies are especially popular with municipal applications and can be adapted for use with hookloaders.

From Humble Beginnings...

On April 1, 1966, Pat Godwin came home from work and told his wife, Judy, that he had delivered his last case of soft drinks. Judy yelled, “April Fools!” Pat said, “It may be April fools Day, but I will not be going back.” They had two toddlers at that time, and Judy had a job as a cashier at a local grocery store. Each day, Pat would unplug the electric stove and plug in his welder and go to work.

The business grew to what it is today — the nation’s largest and most successful family owned and operated truck equipment manufacturer, with nearly half a million square feet under roof.

Get the best quality, period.

Paint & Primer

Godwin Manufacturing Company is one of only three dump body manufacturers in the industry that finishes their bodies in thermoset powder coat paint and primer. The other manufacturers are Godwin’s sister companies Galion-Godwin Truck Body Company and Williamsen-Godwin. Powder coat paint and thermoset powder coat zinc primer are both standard equipment on all Godwin carbon steel bodies. When you purchase a Godwin dump body, it leaves the facility with a finished coating that has been lab tested and certified by SAE 117-B accelerated salt spray test for no less than 4000 hours using 5% salt solution (ocean water is 3%). Industry-standard paint and primer processes don’t even come close. Powder coating is also superior in abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and chip resistance. Not only is powder coating superior in quality, but it’s also safer for the environment. Godwin’s powder coat paint and primer process produces no VOCs, or HAPs and generates no hazardous waste. A zinc-primed and powder-coated body is a cost-effective alternative to stainless and aluminum bodies in environments where corrosion is a major concern. Learn more about Powder Coating and Godwin’s paint process below.