TMF Carrier

Truck Mounted Forklift Carrier

Godwin’s Truck Mounted Forklift
Carriers are easily installed in 6 hours or less!

Other name brands have a complete book of installations, but with the Godwin TMF Carrier, you only have to know the diameter of the wheel for the all-terrain vehicle. (forklift) By knowing the diameter of the wheel, the center line of the wheel chock to the underneath of the body understructure should be ½ the diameter of the wheel plus 2”. To determine front to back, you will measure from the center of the wheel chock to the rear most of the body to be the diameter of the carrier wheel.

What Makes This Popular

  • Designed with installer in mind
  • No guesswork to install or book of complicated instructions
  • Shipped fully assembled with all required mounting parts
  • Truck mounted carrier fits over the rear truck chassis
  • This is a total bolt on application
  • Comes with integrated retractable ICC bumper
  • No need for tools to change from 31” to 36” wheel on lift