Aluminium Alloys

Aluminum Alloys

Godwin uses Aluminum Alloys in the construction of a few optioned specialty items, or specially specified municipal bodies. These materials are always premium ASTM certified. Godwin primarily uses 3/16″ 3003-H22 aluminum plate, and 6061-T6 aluminum alloy extrusions.

  • Godwin Mfg typically only uses aluminum for specific options
  • Lighter alternative to steel
  • Often more attractive steel
  • Can be polished to desired finish
  • Less corrosive than steel
  • Less durable than steel

Aluminum products can offer significant weight savings over steel in light to medium duty applications. Though heavier, steel is far more forgiving than aluminum in heavy duty and abrasive applications.

Godwin suggests that all customers interested in purchasing an aluminum product, ask the manufacturer for mill material certifications to ensure that they are getting what they’re paying for. If it’s not premium certified ASTM 3003-H22 or 6061-T6 aluminum, then the customer may get a product constructed of lesser quality, lower yielding material.