AR450 Steel


AR450 steel is an abrasion resistant wear plate that is ideal for bodies which will be used for hauling very abrasive and high impact materials such as boulders, demo materials and medium to large aggregate. AR450 has a yield strength of around 175,000 lbs minimum yield. That is 75% stronger than 100K steel, and 250% stronger than 50K steel. The strength of AR450 steel can improve weight savings over 50K much like 100K material because a thinner material can be used without sacrificing strength. Godwin uses only premium ASTM certified AR450 material and accepts no substitutes. Our AR material arrives at the Godwin facility after each plate has been shot blasted and primed to create an ideal working surface.
AR450 is considerably more expensive than 50K and 100K, but bodies constructed of AR450 steel are much more rugged and durable in abusive environments. AR450 steel used in a general purpose body would certainly extend longevity.
  • 250% stronger than 100K steel
  • Super abrasive resistant
  • Resistant to deformity due to heavy impact
  • Extremely durable
  • Offers weight savings without sacrificing strength
  • Ideal for more abusive material hauling needs
  • Less readily available than 50K and 100K steel
Due to the nature of the AR material, the finish isn’t quite as smooth as 100K or 50K steel. It is described as having a very fine “orange peel” appearance after paint is applied. Most customers see this as a minor trade off for the added durability. AR wear plate is often used in off-road excavating buckets and scraper applications. AR steel is also used as bullet resistant armor in military vehicles.
Godwin suggests that all customers interested in purchasing AR steel dump bodies ask the manufacturer for mill material certifications to ensure that they are getting what they’re paying for. If it’s not premium certified ASTM AR steel, then the customer may get a product constructed of lesser quality, lower yielding material.