Dump body model

50 Series
Smooth Crossmemberless Bodies
100 Series
Stacked Understructure Bodies

Specific to the 500U

All Godwin bodies are constructed of 10 gauge ASTM-A 607 grade 50 material or equal to ensure durability and long life. Godwin leads the industry with standard thermoset Zinc primer under black thermoset Powder coating. A 24” cab shield is standard equipment on the 400T and 500TR.
Tailgate hardware is cast steel with grease fittings.
Lower tailgate latch is 4140 grade cast steel. Latch pivots are bushing type width 1 1/4” diameter pin for extra support.
Optional air barn door with asphalt lip shown.


  • Body lengths from 12’ to 20’
  • Side Heights are 36”,42”, 48”, 54”
  • One piece sides with no welded seams. 10-gauge A607 grade-50 high tensile steel with boxed top rail and fully welded boxed rear corner post. 8” side board gussets with full length rub rails, and box-type side braces.
  • Full length 45 degree deflector panels are an integral part of the sides.
  • 3/16” -one piece high tensile steel floor with 2” radius corners. (no seams) A607 grade-50 steel.
  • 10 gauge high tensile A607 grade 50 steel. Full width integral inverted V-type horizontal bracing.
  • 9 Panel fully boxed 10 gauge high tensile A607 grade 50 steel with boxed horizontal reinforcements and sloping lower deflector. Tailgate is 8” higher than side.
  • Heavy duty: Upper is offset cast steel hinge. Lower hook is cast steel: engages tailgate pin from top. Banjo eye keeps tailgate chain in position you select
  • Federal 108 lights are standard, recessed for protection, rubber mounted and shock proof.
  • Completely jig built with 4” structural channel crossmembers on 12” centers and 7” structural channel longitudinal. Crossmembers are gusseted and welded to longitudinals.
  • Air tailgate latch, 36” cab shield, 8 gauge sides, 1/4” floor, sloping tailgate, air latch barn door tailgate.